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Through the looking-glass

Public entry Worst interview ever!
October 26, 2011 @ 09:33:26 pm
So, today I had an interview at a Boots store. I was told to arrive at the store at 2pm. I arrived about 1:55 and had no idea where I was supposed to be going, so I asked one of the employees running around the shop floor. They said they knew who was supposed to be interviewing me, that they would go get them and I had to stay put. So there I am standing in the middle of Boots and I see no sign of the interviewer or the girl who went to get her. I waited and waited for 10 mins, until I eventually asked someone else. They said they would shout for her over the store tannoy, and I had to wait there. So they shout for this woman and I wait and wait for another 10 mins. Still no interviewer. Then another member of staff came up and said that the interviewer was in an important meeting and that she'd take me up to wait in the staff room. So there I am waiting in the staff room, staring at white walls while members of staff are awkwardly eating their lunch in silence around me. EVENTUALLY at 2:25pm the interviewer pops her head into the staff room and tells me she'll be with me in a few minutes. Another 5 minutes later she tells me to go and wait in her office. I wait another 5 minutes. She comes in and says "Right, Donna, you're here for the christmas temp, right?" Um. NO. I explain I'm not Donna and that it's for a managerial position. She looks puzzled, then says "OH RIGHT, so you are. Right, give me 5 minutes to read over your CV, since I read Donna's instead."
By this point I was a bit annoyed. Eventually she stops reading and explains that she'll be asking me some questions regarding my experience and then she'll take me on the shop floor to continue the interview.
She starts the questions, which consisted of her reading directly off a sheet of paper, while making no eye contact. I would answer her and she would just write everything I said, word for word, on the sheet of paper. And she would do that slow reading out loud that people do when they're copying things down. VERY ANNOYING!
5 minutes of questions that had nothing to do with a managerial job, they were all basic customer service questions, and still no eye contact.
After the questions which lasted about 5-10 minutes she says "Oh, actually you're not going on the shop floor today, that's another interview. Right that's you done. I'll take you back down."

GRRRRRR. I feel like it was totally unorganised, I have no idea how the interview even went because I got absolutely nothing off this woman. She never looked at me, she never even asked anything about me, or why I wanted the job. NOTHING aside from the usual "Why is it important to be polite to customers" rubbish!

Anyway, rant over. I just felt like an idiot, preparing all this research into the company, and sales techniques, and team management skills, to be confused with someone else, told the wrong interview, asked pointless questions about "why should you smile at customers?" that only lasted 10 minutes, when I had been waiting for well over 45 minutes! GRRRRRR
Why do I even bother?!?
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Public entry Bleugh...
October 12, 2011 @ 10:49:04 pm
I drank too much hot chocolate, now I feel yucky. Curse you warm milk!
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Public entry 12 hour drink and dance 'do
September 21, 2008 @ 11:20:40 am
Was f***ing amazing, but man am I paying for it now.
First we went to see Zane Lowe, who was djing at one of my Unions, The QMU. For those who don't know Zane Lowe is a dj on Radio 1 and he's pretty well known for presenting tv and stuff - oh and he's an absolute hotty!
So I went to see him djing and I'm telling you, he was amazing. The atmosphere he created was to die for and he's just so good at his job. He was mixing all these different floorfillers and student beats and it was just amazing - no words to describe.
So after he finished, which was about 3am we headed off to the second of Glasgow University's unions. The GUU. In the GUU they were having a 12 hour Hive (which is the name of one of the clubs within the union building) and it started at 6 - so by the time we got there it was peaked in music and dancing and people etc.
So we stayed there right till 6am.

Oh man am I tired.
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Public entry My new flatmates.
September 17, 2008 @ 09:02:27 am
Well, they all moved in yesterday and I've been chatting away.
It's all girls, a bit wary about that because I get one sooooo much better with guys, and they all already know each other - they all lived together last year so I'm really feeling like an odd man out.
They're being nice and talking and everything, but every now and then an in joke will come up, or they'll all talk about people I don't know etc.
Ach well, I'll get used to it.
My friends live in the flat downstair so if I'm ever in need of some banter they're always there.
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Public entry I think I may
August 31, 2008 @ 11:02:05 pm
have just re-broken my nose.
I was reaching to pull boxes down to pack and all this stuff fell on me and my nose is bleeding non-stop and it feels like it's broken again.
Damnit, I'm gonna meet my new flat mates with a big swollen nose.
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Public entry Oh s***.
August 30, 2008 @ 11:01:56 pm
It's just after midnight here...
which means I'M MOVING OUT TOMORROW. OH s***.
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Public entry Im jusst in
August 29, 2008 @ 02:02:40 am
Halloo there everyonee.
Hw are you all, are you all fine. I'm fine thanks for asking.
I'm just in from the puib, it's my last ever pub night in this smelly little town before i move out on monday YAYAYAYAYA
WhAT you all been doing?
I'm sleepy now. NIGHT NGITH NGIHT.
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Public entry Procrastination...
August 28, 2008 @ 04:13:26 pm
I seem to be lurking around the internet, doing nothing in particular, all to avoid packing, does someone wanna pack for me?
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Public entry RIP Cedric.
August 28, 2008 @ 02:12:55 pm
Cedric, my dear sweet laptop, has died.
Well...Sort of. I finally got him back from the store today and they said it would cost
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Public entry I hate that
August 24, 2008 @ 12:26:14 am
I'm such a jealous person.
I hate that because of my dad and idiots of the past that I'm like this.
I hate what I become as soon as he mentions some girl.
I hate it so much it makes me sick.

Damn it.
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