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On November 04, 2014 forensicgrl94

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Aberdeen, United Kingdom
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Age: 32
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emm, what r u suposed to put in these things, i hate them. its all lets blow my own trumpet. ach well im fi falkirk, im 17 at the moment. im away 2 Robert Gordon doin forensics, ooh yea, iam a scientist!lol, well if u wanna chat jst giv me a bell, or message or whatever. im an athiest so if u wanna debate god come right on over, it will make ma day...

lol just looked at this and it is in diar need of an update! im 19 now, still at uni so i must be doing something right! but have switched slightly to study forensics with law, as i discovered that law is quite interesting(read there are some really wierd case laws out there).

well thats it for now, anything else pm me.

Who I Want To Meet
would like 2 ,meet angelina jolie coz she is an amazin actress. um the entire cast of c.s.i so i could tell them they wouldnt b allowed anywhere neer a scene lookin lk that.

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basketball (368), badminton (28), forensics (3), books ( tho i can never remember which ones iv read... damn ma shitty memory),
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