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"Who is the hottest, smartest person in the world?"
On April 02, 2015 fddlstx

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Emerald City, United States (g
Joined: Oct 2005

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Age: 31
Gender: F
Location: Emerald City
United States (general)
United States
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About Me

Shoulder-length black hair.
Blue-green eyes.
Long fingers for guitar.
Speak four languages badly.
Think God exists.
Loves Queen.
Think Ben Yellen is hot, Isaac Newton was the smartest person ever to walk the planet, and Chopin stinks.
I wished I lived in a democracy. (Ha, ha, I edited it. The first time I put it wrong and it said "I wish I lived in a democrat.Lol)

Who I Want To Meet
You. Just kidding. who'd wanna meet you.

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My Interests (19)
music (3954), reading (2096), friends (555), singing (486), drawing (481), food (357), internet (341), guitar (283), piano (87), guys (76), god (59), myself (10), sunglasses (2), james dean (2), switchfoot (2), good pens, wrists, handwriting and chewing gum.,
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