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"So theres this boy.... He kind of has my heart"
On March 25, 2010 fallen_in_tears

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Kent, United Kingdom
Joined: Mar 2006

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Age: 31
Gender: NA
Location: Kent
North East
United Kingdom
Posts: 1926
PLS: ? 54.98
Joined:: Mar 16, 2006
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About Me

I made my TFS layout using

My Names Aimee-Louise..
DONT call me that..

tbh.. i have the MOST Amazing friends ever,,,
no-one can compare to them....
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Jelous Much?

My Life Rocks Right Now Mainly Because This Guys in it...

The Best Guy Friend
Nathan My One And Only
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I Blantly Have A Twin.. Her Names Jodie...

And Tbh Shes soo Hardcore...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The BestFriend
My Life Would Be Nothing Without Her...

Melo-d... my Fag my b**** my bestfriend
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Im A Fussy Eater.

I Dont Believe in Myself

Im A StuntGirl.

I Love Animals

I Love Music..

I Count Myself Lucky Really...
There Are Other People Out There
Living A Worse Life Than I do...

Im Thankful For The Small Things

Im Easily Amused.

Im Pretty Much The Same As Any Other Teenage Girl.

I Love Make-up

My Hair Straightners



I Love My Twin Jodie

I Love Nathan

I Love Mel

And Most Of All...

I Love My Mum And Dad..

And My Two Brothers..

Without them.. Id Be Nothing

So Talk To Me Yah?

I Love Getting Comments

I Love Getting Picture Comments

And I Love Getting Messages>br>

Who I Want To Meet

i want a friend who will sit around and do nothing with me. someone who will make me sandwiches when i go to their house. someone who won't make me take off my shoes even if it's the house rule. someone who will keep my secrets, even if they're hella juicy. someone i feel comfortable enough to pee in front of. someone who will lend me money no questions asked. someone who likes me even after i get drunk and call them names. so if you know anyone, hit me up.

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