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"Sifting the trash"
On July 09, 2020 essenceofjme

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bread ends

Fucking, Morocco
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Updated: 06/06/2020

I want to live forever. I want you all to live forever.
I would write of each of you until my last breath.
Because I love you and I don't know you,
but what a beautiful thing it would be to be remembered so dearly.

For a friend. For - not to. I miss him very much.

The days will come when you will cease to know,
The heart will cease to tell you sadder yet,
Tho you say o'er and o'er what you once knew,
You will forget, you will forget.

There is no memory for what is true,
The heart once silent. May you well regret,
Cry out upon it, that you have known all
But to forget, but to forget.

Blame no one but yourself for this, lost soul!
I feared it would be so that day we met
Long since, and you were changed. And I said then,
He will forget, he will forget.

-Robert Frost, Warning

Who I Want To Meet
Myself in the future. Other TFSers, the old old group, most who are no longer here and those that left not too long ago. This place is a capsule. The friendships I've made here since '05 have brought substance to parts of my life that I didn't know existed at the time.

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