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"[[you'll never take me alive,,,i'll do what it takes to survive!]]"
On October 28, 2007 emogrrl420

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columbia city, Indiana
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found this music layout at

hi! im tanya! =]]

im a juggalette, and some people hate me for just that.

im 15,& i live in indiana. i go to the s***tiest skool ever. i have the COOLest frends in the whole world.

i don't copy other people and i don't follow trends. i hate trends.

the only 'style' i have is my own. im not 'cool'. anything but, actually. I'm not hot, and im nothing special.

Like any teenager, i love music. mostly rock, and psychopathic. there is very little rap or hip hop that is any good.i hate country music.

i hate myspace, its mainstream, and wayy overrated.

i love brandon, he ROCKS!<3 and i miss him SOO much.

my parents can be a*****es, but they can be cool sumtimes too. but we dont get along for the most part.

i dye my hair alot. some people would even say too often. but i rarely listen to what other people say.

my hair is currently blonde, and im adding pink and black shortly. i have green eyes and the only peircings i have are in my ears. i want my tongue and right eyebrow done tho, but i dont think thats happening til im 18.

SO..theres not much more to say. PM me, i love to chat.



Who I Want To Meet
anyone that has things in common with me, and funny people. i like to talk, so if theres something intersting to talk about, PM me, or add me on msn.

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