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On December 06, 2011 emo_princess

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What should i do about my friend?
November 03, 2011 @ 12:25:33 pm
Okay one of my best friends who i have known for about 6 years has started smoking weed e she everyday since she moved in with her new boyfriend.... she has changed so much and it is making her ill. but everyday she smokes it all day... she never leaves the house... and i cant blame her boyfriend because he never smoked it befor he met her.... but befor she moved in with him she just use to have it at like house partys and things like that,

Should i tell her that i am worried about her and that i will help her to stop.... or should i just leave her to it... im worried in case i tell her and she kicks off,,,,

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New Post! November 03, 2011 @ 12:32:14 pm
Difficult situation my beloved goaty. If it was me, I would tell my mate that I was worried but not come across as if I was trying to tell her how to live her life, just let her know that I was there for her. She might not have realsied how much more she does it so to have somebody pointing it out to her might surprise her. Good luck with her


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New Post! November 03, 2011 @ 12:44:03 pm
There's nothing wrong with talking to her about it. See how she takes it that first time and then go from there.

You'll have to at least let her know how you feel.


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New Post! November 03, 2011 @ 06:05:32 pm
I agree with the others..Also, maybe you might want to broach the subject asking her first if "anything is wrong? That she would like to talk about?" "That it just seems to you that she is smoking a lot more lately than usual."

Personally though; from what you've written...It sounds to me that she would most definitely have chosen to smoke it as she is currently doing, if she just 'could have'; or had the opportunity...i.e...she now has her own space,and privacy..perhaps more money; where she didn't in the past. Yet the boyfriend is of no influence...

You expressing your concern though, should not be met by her with any hostility I wouldn't think. Not if you are stating your concern in such a way as to show that you simply care.

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