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"Elektrakosh Supersonic Timebuster!"
On September 29, 2007 elektrakosh

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Goodbye and summary of leaving
December 04, 2006 @ 01:00:08 pm
My best friend had left or rather banned for his outburst on two mods here. Apparently he was somewhat telling the truth through his eyes. May I say, what I have beheld here this place has fallen steeply to what it used to be. As of now I also take my leave. Apologies to those who have been my friends and chat buddies now my account will be wiped clean off all friends and pictures.

Thanks to those who did bother their arses to contact me, those who became my friends and to someone special who invited me to their wonderful site.

May those who see this have no worries and have happiness in there lives.

Elektrakosh, Supersonic Timebuster.

P.s My email address should be in the earlier entries. Please please do not Pm me.

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