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"Elektrakosh Supersonic Timebuster!"
On September 29, 2007 elektrakosh

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A story piece...I can't resist!
November 26, 2006 @ 09:37:34 am

I couldn't help but write a small passage from my ever going story... I hope you enjoy reading it despite a few errors.

....'I think Moonskin can help you out more than I can' he said smiling knowingly

'Moonskin survived?'

'Of course! I saw how fond of the horned catwolf creature you were, that I made sure it can help you in other dimensions'


'I have to go my dear, the Moonskin seems to not like my presence' he said looking almost hurt.

'I owe you Hirato' Kosh said to him.

He smiled before disappearing in a flash just as a galloping noise of four clawed feet was heard and the blue maned creature fluidly swung around the bend. He slewed to a halt before her and rubbed his head on her neck and body as an invite to stroke him.

'Hirato called you an it' Kosh purred to Moonskin 'But it is uncanny how he knows where you are and vice versa...'

Moonskin looked up at her questioningly before resuming rubbing his head on her again, making sure her hand was underneath at intervals making sure she involuntarily stroked him. A smile was on his face as he did so.

This is the life he thought ...Pity she does not know who I really am but then again I wouldn't get this much pleasure!

'Moonskin I need your help I need to find a plant on the second shelf then to find a striped Felinian and a fox being... Can you take me there?'

The catwolf looked at her and gave a curt nod before presenting her with his back inviting for her to get on.

'Thank you' Kosh said to him and got on his back and held on around his neck. They both sped off up and around the tracks...

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