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"Elektrakosh Supersonic Timebuster!"
On September 29, 2007 elektrakosh

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To be genuine is to be fulfilled
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October 25, 2006 @ 08:40:10 am
I suppose that due to more unforseen circumstances I have to disappear once more. I have many things to discover on a self journey to find what my true purpose is and why I'm here.

I suppose I'm just here to give support to my friends whoever they are whether be 'net or local. I suppose I can empty my mind here one last time.

These are probably the vibes I give out

overly energetic
easily offended
open minded
pain in the butt!
always there (...even though not meant to be)

You can always add to the list feel free...

Anyway I hope you are doing well as I am fine for the moment.
I remember a song from seems like aeons ago... it sorta goes like this...

'Peace is flowing like a river, flowing out from you and me.
Out into the desert, setting all the captives free'

If I could ever work out what that was all about I'd let you know...Until then ..

Take care!

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New Post! October 27, 2006 @ 12:11:03 am
As long as you work on things, you will learn. The most amazing lessons are about yourself. Your happiness should never revolve around what others think; happiness is a pearl of great value that already lies within your is your journey to discover it.

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