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On March 12, 2017 earz

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Good Day!
January 20, 2017 @ 06:14:39 pm
I have a tendency to focus on the negative... so I figure that since I had a good day today I would say so!

I have been sick for a while, and having new job anxiety, but today I felt much better and had a really good day at work. I exceeded my targets, and had some excellent feedback.


Had some dinner and popped on Seinfeld. I haven't seen it for a bit, so It's giving me a good laugh. G has gone to help his mother so I'm alone with the cat for a while. With some chocolate covered peanuts. BLISS.

It's times like this that I miss smoking. I always enjoyed a nice menthol cig. I don't regret quitting, it's for the best. But every so often I still get a bit of craving. About 3 years back I tried a sneaky cig (after I gave up) and hated it, so I know I wouldn't actually enjoy it. I just remember the good 'ole times, I reckon.

No plans for the weekend, probably pop into a store that seems to be having a sale. Otherwise stay home, cook rather than order, be well behaved basically. I'm thinking chicken breast stuffed with black pudding wrapped in streaky bacon.

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