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On March 12, 2017 earz

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ask me, United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
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Not f***ed up anymore...
Preserving TFS Song For My Own Enjoyment
January 17, 2017 @ 05:58:48 pm
lyrics by Sherreb, El_Tino, Earz, Stew, Stenise, Jaybee
music by nothinsnew
March 2005


The forum forum forum site
The healing boredom boredom boredom site!
It cures all your problems
it makes you feel glad
OH, the forum forum forum site!
It helps those hours melt away
you cant tear your eyes awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
...guitar solo...
if u spam on here they'll make ya pay!
**backing vocals (its the law oh yea the law)
sorry I drew a blank...
But it's okay cause it's the forum, the forum,the forum site
so i can post anything even if its s***e
jayb my friend u ask if well taunt
if what u write is bad
it could be about the first amendment
or just somethin really mad
cause its the forum site the forum site the forum site!!
The best site on the in-ter-net!
la la lalalalala la la lalala la!
coz its the......
forum forum forum site
and everone is invited!
it's a fun place to be
as u all can see
just stay away fae tino
cos he is a bit psycho
he made the.......
forum forum forum siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite
and earz is a little weird
and so is Stenise!
but you will be welcome here
because this is the
forum forum forum site!!!!!
Ask me where i'll be
The forum site
is where u'll find me
with company like
earz, nats, emskie and stenise
i'll be sittin' so long i'll wind up obese.
on the forum site hey! its the forum site
shoobie doobie yea!
the forum site full of wonder and delight
its the forum site!


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