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"It's the End of the World As We Know It"
On September 12, 2011 drgoofymofo

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Council Bluffs, Iowa
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Age: 35
Gender: M
Location: Council Bluffs
United States
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About Me
I am Reverend Ben Master of Silly Putty, Doctor of Divinity, ex-Radio DJ, and student in MIS at Bellevue university

I like Music from Finland, and Tv from the United Kingdom, books normal from america unless it is Johnathan Swift He is CRAAAZY, I also like cartoons from japan Anime is awesome.
Lets see I am excentric which is a fansey word for weird. I love movies and own around 300. Music I love metal and rock and I will listen to anything else even country. Basically I have lived or tried every walk of life and tend to like everything. For instance I have lived in Omaha or on a farm.

Who I Want To Meet
anyone and everyone

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music (3954), movies (1103), computers (406), technology (51), doctor who (14), everything really (2),
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