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On July 30, 2009 dragonwars

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Wellington, New Zealand
Joined: Nov 2006

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Age: 32
Gender: M
Location: Wellington

New Zealand
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My Pics

About Me

Hey welcome to the page all about me and other random stuff that has nothing to do with but wouldn't be there if it wasnt for me because I am perfect and if it wasn't for me there would be nothing but poptarts, mac pc's and the plague(sadly the only things I didn't even). I also didn't invent kyptonite but I was invented by it so I am counting it as being here if I am until I find a way to destroy it so there cannot be any more of me, then maybe I'll go back in time and punch my Mother in the stomach while she is pregnant with me, although fire could be more interesting its not as reliable.

------People that arent ME!!!!------

Although I would love to write and perform music that I don't like and I think sucks, I dont, this guy isnt me

I would also like to point out the fact that I am not santa, I currently am too poor but dont worry once I have enough money I'll kill the real one and steal his job

It is still debated whether or not I am the bringer of all destruction, if it were proven there would be noone to prove it

Kermit the frog is not infact me although at times I have filled the position of his evil twin plotting to take over the world by tieing everyone's strings together so they fall over(this is not to be mistaken for the bubble gum plot of 1999 where 47 people also died from massive burns)

I am not Paris Hilton...this not need explaining...ok it does...I sing way better than her.

I am not a teacher, I have no interest in education especially if it is to do with someone else, actually I dont really care about anything that is to do with someone else so if you want to learn something go ask someone else or take anything that may or may not get offered on this site which will probably just be links to other sites that explain it better or in a way that requires effort which this site is not prepared to offer.

I am not a terrorist, I merely inspire terror in all who look upon me.

As you may have been able to tell from some of these comments I am highly intelligent, I am not George Bush.

Michael Jackson, I was born white and wished I was black my entire life.

Coke, I would never do anything so awful to peoples health other than kill them, it is so immoral I don't know why it was invented in the first place even if it was me who did it, I am however Coccaine occasionally.

A Ballet dancer, they kicked me out of class after killing the teacher using termites in an attempt to fix her wooden dance moves

Hitler, I am shocked that someone would compare me to him...I would NEVER get caught!

Mr Potato. My nose and eyes have not been able to come off for at least 178 years now why do people still remember that, its a stupid game

A chocolate bar. Well that would just make me a canibull now wouldnt it?

Air. How could air be me? I invented it!

Poptarts, yes, even I am not awesome enough to be a poptart.

Bernard Marx, sadly I am not a midget addicted to soma and trying to be as obnoxious as possible to get attention, ok so maybe I am the last 2 if you swap the soma for some other type of illegal substance . Maybe im Helmholtz...I'll have to check back for you on that one.

I am not a train, I am much faster!!! screw the slow 400 kmph trains in China I walk faster than my internet connection(no I am not on dialup)

A giant shoehorn, however I do require a rather large one for my shoes.

A firewall, I actually stop spies, viruses and bacteria.

A keyboard, if you push me it will not make amusing things appear on your computer screen unless you find blood amusing.

Jesus, I don't kill insects, they are beneath me.

A fashion model, I am way to well dressed and attractive for that.

Kittens. Do I look like a psychotic bringer of doom? (or fluffy)

I am not twiztidangel I don't snoop around people's profiles nearly enough.

------People that are ME!!!!------

Yes, I am infact a furby however I am crossed with some gremlin DNA so don't feed me after midnight or get me wet because I will kill you all

I am the missing pieces from all the jigsaws in the world combined, this was part of a plan I put into place from 1982 where I would steal pieces of jigsaw puzzles using vacuum cleaners and then absorb them into myself in an attempt to absorb all the worlds mildly interesting information, I managed to learn how to spell cat and also how to spell dog from this, childrens puzzles were in fact the most common of all the different types although it is still unclear if this is because they do more jigsaw puzzles or their parents use more vacuum cleaners

I have been known at times to take the form of a transformer(i.e. whatever the hell I want that looks like metal), transformers were especially useful for destroyed megatron but that hasnt happened yet so I'm not allowed to say it.

My humour is like a rubicks cube, most people take hours to understand it but if you spend years practising it only takes 10 seconds.


Chuck Noris is infact me when I was much weaker, the current one is just a standin to write books for me.

William Shakespeare, he too did not know how to spell his own name and made up 9/10ths of the words he used when he wrote idol

Henry VIII, please do you really think i stopped at 6 wives? Im onto the 467th at the moment.

A clock, I can always tell the time right but If I go to sleep I need to reset it again when I wake up

A grill, you can wear me in your mouth, use me for securing dangerous parts of machines or cook on me(if I have diamonds on me at the time it is recomended to to use me to cover sewers)

Alchohol, Everyone is happy after being around me for an hour

A Penguin, it is the best suit you will find anywhere. My appearance as a Penguin was key to my plan to take over the world with evil newspapers programmed to sing dolly parton songs until everyone in the world's head exploded leaving only cockroaches and a few species of seaserpent left.

Naruto, Fear my wolfish power and addiction to nice food, good food, decent food, bad food and crappy food.

A kitten, I am just biding my time till I am older when there will be enough of us to reverse the fates of man back to how they were during egyptian times so that I am an all powerful god, not that im not already all powerful I just want to be more all powerful so that I am like totally all powerful.

A deck of cards, I shuffle everytime i need to go to the other side of the room

Fire, IM HOT!!!!

A virus scanner, I will find viruses anywhere I go regardless of whether they were there before or not.

Witches. My smile is magical.

Invader Zim, yes that is why all of my plans are so awesome and evil, you cannot defeat me for I am an ultimately powered alien.

An earwig, fear my deadly tail...or was it a scorpion...ah well.


I am Elemeno P, ooh yeah! I !

V, I provide double your daily intake of everything to do with sugar and caffine and I also happen to be very good at blowing up the English parliament.

A blanket, If you are female feel free to use me as such.

A Hamster of doom, I will rain coconuts on your city.

Time, mess with me and it will stop for you.

Harold Crick. Oh yeah! I can multiple 167 by 1238 in my head instantly.

------Facts about New Zealand------

New Zealand no longer has any pipes in the entire country after a large group of drop bears emigrated from Australia and ate them all.

New Zealand has a giant bridge to Australia and you can drive there for only 5 dollars, some people commute from wellington to Sydney for work.

New Zealand has been voted best country annually 48 times in the last 46 years.

People from New Zealand are commonly called kiwi's which is not as they claim because our national bird is the kiwi but rather that the inside of someone from New Zealand vastly resembles a kiwifruit when you cut them open(don't try this at home kids).

New Zealand is firmly anti-nuclear and once stole all of America's nukes and dumped them in the ocean off the coast of Iraq, these were the WMD's America was looking for.

So few people indicate in New Zealand that the cars that they make for New Zealand now do not come with indicators and people can just stick their hand out the window if they feel like it.

6.7% of all kiwi deaths are caused from people bungee jumping and having their heads bitten off by crocodiles.

In New Zealand the government is shortly to make it legal not to send your children to school since NCEA is so easy anywhere they assume kids can just go take it without taking the subject ever.

Every phone number in New Zealand is actually wired directly to shortland street and if you want to talk to people here you have to ask them to forward you.

In New Zealand it is has been legal to marry a sheep for 17 years and they are soon to be introducing a new bill to allow people to marry non-sheep.

In New Zealand it is illegal not to have a 3 meter tall fence around your pool with no exits after a 5 year old child with giantitus fell into a swimming pool.

85% of all kiwi's are female, however only 55% have been female their entire lives.

New Zealand introduced a law in 1998 so that only female prime ministers could be elected.

New Zealand makes better wine that Australia we just refuse to export it.

All the possums in New Zealand were recently killed off by an influx of Koala bears.

Most New Zealanders actually only speak Chinese or Japanese because they only have access to asian game servers and choose to speak their language instead.

In New Zealand the rat is sacred and it is punishable by death to injure one in any way shape or form.

New Zealand is currently considering a new bill to remove the monarchy in favor of joining countries with the south pole and being ruled by the penguin king, one of the requirements of the treaty is also that New Zealand gives back the icebergs one of its residents sold on trademe.

The national sport of New Zealand is not in fact rugby as has been previously rumored but World of Warcraft.

There are in fact only 300 Maori people in New Zealand however their votes count for 50% of the votes in an election.

In New Zealand it is illegal to have an abortion unless it is in the last trimester and you give the doctor permission to eat the baby.

In New Zealand dialup runs at 128kbs and broadband maxes out at 256kbs.

In New Zealand there is no person that hates Auckland.

Old Zealand got blown away by the wind hence the need to build a new one.


Thanx for reading my profile, I will try to add a new person i am or am not every now and then along with a new interesting picture whenever i have enough upload limit

Oh and draw something or I will kill you

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How you life your life: With passion, even if your odd passions (like bottle caps and pigeons) are baffling to others

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