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On September 08, 2016 dragonpoet

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putnam, Connecticut
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About Me

Hello all! Just looking to make friends, I am quiet but friendly person who happens to be just a little bored and lonely. I am a mother with 3 kids, and spend a good part of my free time alone, so making some friends would be just perfect. Never been very good at making introductions, and perhaps first impressions of me just about that, not very remarkable...anyways, I work full time and vast amount of interest from reading various material, to movies and animation, art, music taste pretty varied, to me its the words in the songs, they just have to mean something....I have a few hobberies from crafts to playing online games such as conqueor and eudomon online, and other stuff as well, guess in the end, inside I am just a little kid wanting some lets play!

Heard it all before,
"Greet the day with a smile"
All will fall in place
And everything's going to be okay,
Just greet the day
with a smile!

True wealth can not be found in your bank account. It can only be found in those you call friend. Those with whom you share your deepest feelings. And those who accept you for who you really are. - Mary Vandergrift

Who I Want To Meet
people with like interest and who are interested in making friends

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