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"I Izs The Bitch!"
On April 22, 2008 dizzy

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God knows??, United Kingdom
Joined: Mar 2005

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Age: 35
Gender: F
Location: God knows??
South East
United Kingdom
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PLS: ? 56.46
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About Me
Im Really Dizzy... I have my blonde moments!( a lot) I can eat all day non stop and not put an inch of weight on.!! If i start to put it on im going to run 20 miles a day!! untill i lose it!

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I like Shopping and going down the good Ole English Pub! NOTE: I only drink WKD blue so if you get the chance to take me out you now know what i like

well hope you have had fun reading about me!! sorry i dont have much to say!

Feel free Pm me i wont bite...Hard

I will be happy to talk to anyone aslong as your nice to me!


Who I Want To Meet

My Brothers family! in south africa

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New posts Well has this worked?
New posts Loadsa Friends!! lol
New posts what is going on in the world today!!


My Interests (3)
bbq\'s!!! shopping!! eating! driving!! chilling! drinking! wkd blue!! little chef! working,,
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