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"Is Ecstatic About Ecstasy Due in Part to the Excitement Generated by Exxon Mobile."
On March 22, 2013 diomedes

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Long Beach, California
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Age: 28
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United States
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About Me
Here's the basics:

I'm 5'9" (I know I'm short) and weigh 160 (but I'm working my way up to 180 if at all possible), I've got brown hair and eyes and look a bit older than I really am, (just a lil bit).

I'm pretty damn confident (I think) and am often told that I'm eccentric. I have been told that I am a genius though I personally really doubt that. I sometimes contradict myself though despite that I would make a great lawyer since I'm expert as discrediting people and sounding right. I am really interested in increasing my though processes (become smarter) and learning new things and new languages (including French). I also take great interest in becoming stronger and getting better at the sports I play particularly football (I play(ed) at some point or another runningback, cornerback, and safety), boxing and martial arts. I am currently single (and looking for that special someone).

Who I Want To Meet
Anyone else really interested in sports, Friends and future friends, Future girlfriends, People to hang out with, Anyone Else who likes a good time.

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My Interests (27)
music (3954), movies (1102), football (758), swimming (604), friends (555), cooking (543), girls (461), baseball (189), yoga (91), boxing (58), wrestling (43), chess (38), debating (23), gambling (15), fighting (14), kung fu (3), kicking ass (3), betting (2), krav maga, sexy time, being cocky, mauy thai, eskrima, girls again, and basically just having a good time., having any conversation really,
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