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"A little about me"
On January 14, 2010 damionm

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Grand Forks, North Dakota
Joined: Oct 2008

My Stats
Age: 34
Gender: M
Location: Grand Forks
North Dakota
United States
Posts: 63
PLS: ? 75.03
Joined:: Oct 13, 2008
Reputation: 3


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About Me
My name is Damion and I live in GF North Dakota. I have awesome friends like Brandon,Alex,Jake,Adam,Kyle,J
on,Terryin, and my twin brother Desmond.I love the Army and in High School I'm going to be joining the Army JROTC.I'm 15 and I have a friend named Alanna! I really love to go Mountain Biking!! I really love Body Building and I do it every day and my favorite Body Builder, besides Arnold, is Dennis Wolf! I love the 300 Spartans!! I am a CPL in Army JROTC. I also have another best friend named Annie and Kyle. I like to listen to talk radio every now and then.

Who I Want To Meet
GOD, Jesus Christ, Bruce Lee, Joel Osteen, George Bush, Denis Wolf, Jay Cutler, Lee Priest.

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My Journal
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My Interests (13)
martial arts (182), wrestling (43), parkour (10), army (4), color guard (2), body building (2), jrotc, swat, pt team, army jrotc, working out., jeet kune do,
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