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"Welcome to a world where the air I breathe is mine..."
On June 06, 2008 clurrby

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Liverpool, United Kingdom
Joined: Oct 2007

My Stats
Age: 39
Gender: F
Location: Liverpool
North West
United Kingdom
Posts: 1585
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Joined:: Oct 05, 2007
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My Pics

About Me

Alreet Cocker!!
I'm Clare

Also known as Clurrby, Clare-Bear, Tink & Dinky.

I'm taken

I have found the man of my dreams
I couldn't be happier

I adore penguins.

You'll find me with music in my ears
& my head in the clouds.

I take too many pictures.
I love laughing until I cry or can't breath. Or both.
I'm arrogant, annoyingly random & blonde.

I don't take compliments well.

I can guarantee i'm not who you think I am.
First impressions are not always accurate.

Passionate. Shy. Loyal.
Split Personality.
Kind, not weak.
Better, not bitter.

I've found somebody who loves me for who I am.
It's the best feeling in the world.
Knowing that someone can accept all your bad points and not want to change a single one of them is truly amazing.
He really is one in a million <3

I don't hold my breath.
& I certainly don't hold my tongue.

I treat people with the respect I feel they deserve.

I'm good at giving advice but awful at taking it.

I have fantastic friends.
I love each and every one of them.
I seriously don't know what I would do without them.

At night my teddies come to life, things morph into evil creatures
which hide under my bed and small people run along my dresser.
Does that make me mentally ill?
I really should do something about that....

I'm as random as your mums facial hair.

Music isn't my life but it plays a big part.

I'm blonde natured, which isn't always a good thing lol.

'In' Jokes between friends are best left alone.
They're never funny to outsiders

I love going to the Baa Bar for a few too many Dave's and then to the Krazy House.

Kisses, cuddles and in depth conversations rock.

Random days out due to getting lost are amazing.

I love anything & everything to do with the 80's.

I could sit and listen to people playing guitar all day.

I love making up random words with my friends.
Confuses the f*** out of people.
It's Hilerious

Nothing beats the feeling of kissing in the rain.

Ok well thats enough about me

I love all these bands

And I love all these films too...

Who I Want To Meet

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