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On January 21, 2016 chipmunkinator

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Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Joined: Jul 2005

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Age: 30
Gender: M
Location: Portsmouth
South East
United Kingdom
Posts: 2232
PLS: ? 46.01
Joined:: Jul 20, 2005
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About Me
NOTE: I haven't been on a lot recenly, hot weather drags me out of the house. Just to let you know I'm still alive and kicking

My name is ****, i'm 17 and go to college.
This site can be addictive, but sometimes I dissapear for long stretches of time. Hopefully I won't again.

Who I Want To Meet
I've always wondered if there's anyone in the world that is quite like me and thinks similar to the way I do, THEY would be interesting to meet!

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New posts NO! It shouldn't happen to me!
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My Interests (8)
football (941), drinking (171), driving (73), kayaking (28), mountain biking (26), everton fc (2), (not at the same time),
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