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"ME ME MEEEE!! Mwah (K)"
On April 11, 2007 cheerupemokid

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York, United Kingdom
Joined: Jan 2006

My Stats
Age: 30
Gender: F
Location: York
Yorkshire and The Humber
United Kingdom
Posts: 1507
PLS: ? 37.75
Joined:: Jan 04, 2006
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About Me
This is mee??!!??
Jaz, im 14 years old and love things!! [[=
Plz plz plz plz add me! ^^
If im alredy on your friends list then i want to marry you!!
[[= right now if you dont mind??!!??
Right, what more unhelpfull s*** u wanna know about me??..
I wear way to much makeup and love to kill my hair with ridiculous
amounts of hair dye, my fave thing to do is shop, DUH, shopping is my life
without shopping i wudnt have anything :/ thats why i love it so much [[=!!
I love H&M because it sells drainpipes, if you dont know what drain pipes are
dont bother to ask me because i will only freak out and shout at you for not knowing!!
My fave movies are... Interveiw with the vampire, queen of the damned, the nightmare b4 christmas.. and all the other scary film all the mini gothic kids like!!..
I HATE chavs, so if your a chav i wud hide, or kill yourself or something..
I LOVE belts, i have waaaay to many belts and love them all!!!
Ok, im runnin out of s*** to tell you..
If you wanna add me you can but i dont want you to add me then not talk to me so if you gunna add me i suggest you message me aswell!!!
Im not going to give you my msn address unless i speak to you quite alot on here!! And i DONT want pervs, well, maybe one or two will do LOL!!
Lots of Luff and Smiles!!

drainpipes, converse, hair dye, eye liner, drawing on my hand, art, music, picking on my sister, stars, interveiw with the vampire (film), witchcraft, cold side of my pillow, everything pink and black, halloween, little britain, gerard way *drools all over key board*, oh posing i love that , roses, my mum (who looks like blondie)!! the list could go on forever!!!!

chavs, marks and spencers, working, hot side of my pillow and chavs again!!!!

Favorite Music:
funeral for a friend, fall out boy, my chemical romance, HIM, CKY, greenday, evanesence, our lady peace, RHCP, nirvana, the strokes, kasabian, NOFX, the distillers, muse, blink 182!! The list could also go on!!....
My myspace is ....add me!
XxX-XxX-XxX <3 <3

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Who I Want To Meet
if your talkin bout famous people i wanna meet.....
Gerard Way
all ov funeral 4 a friend
brody dalle.....ect ect

if u meen people on here i wanna meet friendly people who are good to chat to and someone who shares the same interests as me, also i wud like 2 meet other emo's

Click here to get Falling <..s
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New posts New profile!!
New posts ITS ALL ME!!!
New posts moving to california!!! [[=
New posts Ex bf :cry:
New posts I punched sasha and made her bleed HAHA


My Interests (5)
music (3954), singin (22), and being with family and friends!!! (2), skatebordin!!!!,
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