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Public entry well now!
June 22, 2008 @ 10:43:07 pm
its been almost a year on this site ive just noticed, i thought it was more like 6 months...what
a time flyer....and to think ive managed to avoid getting punched in almost a year! how the
f*** have i managed that? just another 3 weeks to go!
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Public entry My (warped?) fantasy...
April 29, 2008 @ 03:48:03 pm
I was thinking to myself one day and a thought i had became an idea!
I think it would be very interesting to meet someone on line, meet up and have sexual
relations, but heres the catch; there can be absolutely no verbal communication
Yes 2 complete strangers committing to the ultimate in intimacy and yet are forbidden to
speak to one another!
I realize this would be almost impossible, but people can communicate in other ways!
I think it would be both challenging, bizzare, interesting and lots of fun!
any thoughts on this, or am i completely out of my mind?
Yes, you can continue talking afterward on the net....
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