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On June 05, 2012 catt35

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, Illinois
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Age: 50
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United States
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About Me
I have low self-esteem, which is actually a good thing, because it used to be that I had "no self-esteem" at I also have clinical depression and ADD. I'm honest, passionate, caring, loyal, warmhearted, empathetic, compassionate, sympathetic, lazy, stubborn, mouthy, outspoken...and the list is endless.

Who I Want To Meet
Evanescence...not just Amy Lee (Although I do adore her voice) but the entire band. They amaze me with their unique sound and they are real. Korn is another band I would like to meet and speak with. There are alot of famous people I would like to meet; not because I think they are "hot" or "cool", but because they are "real" people...not spoiled rich and famous brats...those famous people I cannot stand.

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I have no life

My Interests (10)
reading (2095), writing (984), dancing (743), singing (486), cats (183), nature (178), peace (19), using all my senses, organic everything,
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