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On July 23, 2007 bpcsima

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where you cant find me hah, Ir
Joined: Jan 2006

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Age: 28
Gender: M
Location: where you cant find me hah
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About Me
UMMM i love the guitar yeah i'm pretty much punk thats what i got o that quiz but i scored the same in emo ummm i like mcr,nirvana and Avenged sevenfold coheed and cambria Metallica Bullet for my valentine KoRn Arctic mokeys Linkin Parkand more of those type of bands I,m back in skating now it RAWKS.I love stephen king books and im pretty superstitous and I believe in everything paranormal Im in a band called Split Pane were good thats what my friends tell me were Grunge/Punk/Metal

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Who I Want To Meet
Anyone who likes anything in my interests or if they like the bands I like.

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New posts IM sick this sucks


My Interests (11)
music (3954), guitar (283), my chemical romance (70), drums (67), nirvana (52), playing in my band (2), watching movies and some other things that i, and loads of other stuff that im to lazy to put them in lol, reading stephen king books, ll putin later kay,
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