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"Drifting on an impossible feat is not so possible"
On September 06, 2006 bluetarpband

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Buffalo, New York
Joined: Apr 2006

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Age: 32
Gender: M
Location: Buffalo
New York
United States
Posts: 96
PLS: ? 50.5
Joined:: Apr 25, 2006
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About Me
you all SUCK!
your way to anal about your life let it go you suck give it up just go home or if you are home walk into the kitchen get the knife and slit your throat i hate you all get over yourselfs you not better than anyone your not superior your actauly less imporatant why? because all you can think to do is attack each other on a crappy website with a gay a** name im tired of this place you all suck major whale cock and take it up the a** by donkey weiner you need to shoot yourselfs and make the world better instead of talking about pointless theorys that will never work because your all to lazy to carry them out your faliures i hate you all you f***ing anal whore piece of s*** a** dildos go die!

p.s. i like tacos

I am a great guy that can talk about almost anything but my favorite is music

I made my TFS layout using

Who I Want To Meet
Nice people that can carry good conversations if you want to talk to me my im is

@yahoo. com">bluetarpband @yahoo. com

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New posts hello
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music (3954), hockey (164), atvs (4), dirtbikes (3), snowmobiles (2),
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