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"sweet n innocent..... yeh right!"
On October 23, 2009 blondie

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preston, United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
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hi, my name is emily. i live in Blackpool, england.
1. Dont call me hot im NOT on fire
2.Dont ask me 2 w**k u off if theres clearly nothin there
3.Dont ask me for sex, u get a prozzy
4.Dont ask me 4 cyber ur just desperate
5.Dont ask me if im single LEARN 2 READ!
6.Dont ask me 2 show u round blackpool clubs i hope u get lost
7.Dont call me babe im not a pig off a film
8.Dont ask me if i want to join in with ur bf/gf im not desperate
Providin u go by my list u will not p*ss me off :D xx lol j/k

I work at a nursery mon to fri and love it. I am easy to get along with, my above list was just a joke. lol. i have long blonde hair, tall, curvy, blue eyes and im an honest and friendly person. pm me if you want a chat. xx

merry christmas!!

My favourite animal:

Who I Want To Meet
anyone n everyone. i dont judge and i get on with anyone.. try me xx

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dancing (750), shopping (637), swimming (604), sleeping (257), drinking (171), meeting new people (87), clubbing (62), holidays!, boys/men :),
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