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On May 13, 2008 blacksnow

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Bucharest, Romania
Joined: Jun 2005

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Age: 27
Gender: F
Location: Bucharest
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About Me
well...i don't know if it's really true, but that's what most of my friend say about me:
Innocent, beautiful, kind-hearted and pure. You are so sweet your almost angelic, you find joy in others happiness and cannot stand to see anyone in pain. You want to make everyone around you feel good about themselves and if someone is upset you can tend to become rather upset as well which means you are sympathetic and raise others above yourself. Being as kind and good-natured as you are people have most likely hurt you in the past but you pick yourself up every time. You may look fragile but you are stronger than most tend to see. Life is beautiful no matter how you look at it and you understand that people make mistakes, not everyone is perfect. You try to see the good in the bad which is a talent few posses, dont ever let anyone change you. You truly have a beautiful soul inside and a heart of gold.

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music (3946), books (371), my bf (8),
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