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On October 19, 2007 bi_polar_bear

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October 18, 2007 @ 12:11:39 am

Today was the first day of classes after Fall break and no one wanted to be there, including the professor. (Lest we forget that teachers are people as well). I have been feeling odd of late (I'm not sad or upset folks before anyone asks). It feels as though I have been holding my breath, waiting for something which I cannot begin to predict to happen. This feeling has been following me since almost the beginning of the semester. Do I think that these changes will be negative? The answer is definitely not. It's almost like the electrical charge before a thunderstorm, you know something's coming, you can feel it in the air around you and you know you're helpless to stop it. In this case I get the definite idea that whatever change is coming its necessary. I had thought that the air of expectation that has been present of late would have dissipated by now considering that the previous drama has been resolved for some time. Instead I go to class wondering in the back of my mind somewhere if today is the day that the storm breaks, it's a strange feeling indeed.

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