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On October 19, 2007 bi_polar_bear

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Yet another necessity rant
April 15, 2007 @ 02:31:45 am
Warning explosives ahead!

Apparently my roommate is not the only one going through crap because of my state insurance. It hasn't happened yet but within the next few weeks I can apparently expect to be told the same thing. Fortunately our state vocational rehabilitation office will continue to pray for our care as long as we both are in school and we think that extends to win when we are able to be employed because the help is obviously necessary so that we we can even to be employable. I know I've said this before but whoever gave some stupid pencil pusher the right to deem me subhuman?! Sometimes I think the only reason freak shows are not encouraged is because it is no longer considered "politically correct" and no one will ever admit to being that anymore. They would rather mask their intentions as being what's in "the best interest of the client!" When people decide that they will voluntarily spend a month unable to walk maybe then I'll let them decide what is in my best interests! I just would like to point out to these people one thing: I Am Perfectly Capable Of Telling Someone What Is and Is Not Medically Necessary For Me!

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New Post! April 15, 2007 @ 02:35:06 am
What the Bjebus

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