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"Screw the Rail and Grind the Skater"
On April 08, 2009 betterthanu18

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Reading, Pennsylvania
Joined: Jun 2007

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Age: 28
Gender: NA
Location: Reading
United States
Posts: 580
PLS: ? 37.29
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So yah im Colleen Nicole Alton<3 I Am taken by my new bf jake haha i dont like him that much :/ I am 15 years old!My parents split up when i was 3! I hate skewl but i made honor roll!I do not know how i did it?I have too many best friends.(Hope,tonya,justin g.,justin p,caitlin,austin,cody,zack,johnny,vicky,jacenia, alex,morgan,karleigh,jason,noah,dennis,torri,erika,marrisa and TAYLOR! But all i can say is they are all f***ing awsome!!! And if u are not my friend odds are i pretty much hate you! I get pissed of realy easy and dont ever underestemate me ill prove you wrong And trust me im usally right in the end I have a bunny!and 4 dogs! My favorite colors are black,purple,electric lime green and dragon fruit hot pink<3 My friends call me honey bunches of oats! And some of them call me skelator!<- dont ask? My house is called the skull layer?<- dont ask (again)? I love to play guitar hero!( on expert) But i got my memory card stolen so i have to start all over again it realyy sucks u know how many games i have! so...if u have any more ?'s message me or call me !!! Just ask for my cell # if u need it :D Hit me up on aim!XEmoXPhenomenonX

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New posts please help me think of ideas to savatage my bro for punching me and makeing me b


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<font color="purple">video games and hanging out with my friends :dd, </font>,
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