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On March 08, 2012 bellestrange

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Fireworks Night :)
March 31, 2010 @ 11:31:29 am

We just got back from our local Fireworks Night (a good display, though not as huge as Adelaide Skyshow that I went to earlier this year). The kids loved it, to be honest it was their first time seeing them close-up and they loved it.

Only one miniscule annoyance...

The fireworks were put on by the shopping centre not far from my house and are set off from the mall roof, so everyone comes to the carpark just after late-night trade is finished and watches from there. We parked out of the carpark (it's a nightmare getting back out again) and stood near some cars like everyone else. My uncle propped Ashton up on the spare tyre of a parked, unoccupied 4WD to see better, he had his PJ's on and soft slippers on so wouldn't have marked the car in any way but of course Mr Big 4WD Owner comes along and gets all iffy about us being near his precious car. The silly git was still going on about it after we apologetically moved away and he'd gone off to swig his cheap beer with his friends.
I'm sad to admit that it bothered me for about half an hour lol until the lights went out and the show started. Then I looked over to see the twerp was looking at me as if to say "I can see you, don't even so much as breathe in the direction of my car"

I should have lifted my skirt and pissed on his tyre.

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Government Hooker

New Post! March 31, 2010 @ 11:34:32 am
should have pissed on the door handles.

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