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"Truth Be Told"
On September 09, 2011 beds_numpty

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luton, United Kingdom
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Age: 33
Gender: M
Location: luton
East of England
United Kingdom
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About Me

Hey everyone. Its been such a long time since i've updated this profile! About two years I believe so shall we.....

My name is Tony however near enough everyone I know outside of work calls me 'Numpty'. Its been my nickname for a good four years now. My best mate Paul made it up for me back then and since then it has stuck. (Unfortunately!)

For those of you who care, my job is Deputy Manager of a Co-Operative Food Retail store in Luton Bedfordshire (England). I've been working there for almost three years now. I started there as an under 18 till worker and worked my way up to Supervisor, Store Supervisor and a couple of months ago was made Deputy Manager! However I will be moving to another Co-op store soon. I've been told January sometime but i'm not 100% sure. It seems to be the way the company likes to operate.

I am currently single and thats pretty much by choice! There are times when I think how it would be nice to have a girlfriend to hang out with! Trouble is, with my job as it is at the moment I barely find time for myself let alone time to keep somebody else happy with me!

Who I Want To Meet

To be totally honest there really isn't anyone I 'want' to meet. Lets get real for a moment we are all human, none of us are 'larger than life'. However I can understand where some people come from when they say they would love to meet so and so a person.

I wouldn't mind meeting somoene like George Clooney, Sean Connery or Michael Caines. Not so I can be ''oh my god its George Clooney!'' but more so I can listen to their stories. To hear about their lives, and to thank them for their amazing contribution to the film industry!

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