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"Little Miss Murder?"
On September 15, 2007 beautyindeath

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Hull, United Kingdom
Joined: Jun 2005

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Age: 31
Gender: F
Location: Hull
United Kingdom (general)
United Kingdom
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About Me
Well here goes.....
Im am 16 years old =]
I live in Hull
I hate it
It sucks!
I love my friends
I love going out
I love getting drunk =p
I think i like this guy
Im not prefect
But i wish i was =[
I am vain
I am b****y
I am sone what self centered
But who cares!
If you wanna know anything esle....
You now where to find me =]

I made my TFS layout using

Who I Want To Meet
Remember the girl with the broken smile?
The gril who had no friends?
Remember the girl with the bright lipstick and perfect teeth?
With that s***-hole mouth always spewing honesty?
Remember the girl whose presence made you sick
Who was non-stop Forcing you to vomit?
Remember the butchered girl with the wooden doll eyes and the perfect skin?
The one without that beauty pageant waistline?
Remember the b**** with the bruised neck.
Rotting from the inside-out.
With hardened veins and scars so thick you wanted to die just from looking at her?

The girl you became addicted to.

Remember the gril that you made fun of every day, always pushing her away.
Whispering that she was so f***ing disgusting.
Remember the gril you always picked last, never shared with and wanted to disappear?
Remember every day when you would glare at her when she walked by.
Trying so hard not to shove her to the ground and kick her in her perfect face?
Remember the girl with the sullen posture and disaster attitude?
Remember the girl with the blood trails and no sense of direction?
That girl you forced into murdering reality?
Remember the girl you always thought would never be anything because you were everything?
Remember your coffin of lies you placed her in so she couldnt breath?
Remember the girl with the brown undertone and gouged out eyes?
The one with that face you wanted to gently destroy?

Here I am.

The girl you had once walked all over
and thought you had seen the last of
is back to give you what you deserve.
The truth.

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