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On January 19, 2010 backseatcynic

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Henryetta, Oklahoma
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Public entry At last, I'm done!!
November 27, 2009 @ 04:09:51 am
As my friends on here probably know, I never make a journal entry. This will most likely be my only one. That being said, let me get on to my purpose for it.
My friends here know also that I love music, more than anyone alive (I am willing to debate this point if you take exception with it)
But anyway, I've been working for several weeks now, off and on, developing several music playlists that I all have embedded on my profile page. My reason for drawing attention to that fact is that as a music lover I encourage anyone who loves music even half as much as I do that I promise you will find something there that you will enjoy. If it's new to you and you like it, all the better.
All this music, though coming from different sources to reach my own playlists, represents music from my own personal CD collection. So in a way, it is me. I've put a lot of effort into developing these too, and I think that adds to that belief.
As widely varied as the music is, as you will see, not every genre or favorite artist is represented. For example, there isn't any classical, hip/hop or R&B. Now the classical isn't really hard to do, but we all know the greats, whether we've grown up with it or heard it on television or the movies. But when it comes to the hip/hop and R&B, I must admit my knowledge of those genres is pretty limited, with the exception of a handful of artists such as Tupac, TLC, and Bone Thugs. After all, in case you guys haven't noticed, I'm not only as white as they come, but also just about as rurally south as you can get. But know I do have an appreciation, they just don't strike the same chords inside me as much as the ones I have represented up on the playlists. So, with what you do find, should you choose to drop by and listen, if there's any headscratching by you guys, like "Why did he leave such and such out?" or something, I do have a good reason. I just have no need to justify myself about that, so there.

In any case, I appreciate any of you who give a listen. Thanks.
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