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"im a massive choclate lover .....!!!! go the tigers......!!!!!!"
On June 19, 2006 babygirltigers

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SYDNEY, Australia
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Age: 33
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Location: SYDNEY
New South Wales
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my name is kylie im 6ft1 i was born in new zealand and im going threw a 6 yr relationship break up and have a 3 yr old daughter and my x cheated on me with my mum and was taking drugs in the past and became very abuiseive in the past and went to rehab then recentley took drugs and cheeted on me again i found a pix msg of a girl on his phone he left for 3,4,5,6,7 days at a time and we had no food or money to pay bills and he put our lives in danger he got in with some very bad people and was controlling and abusive and my daughter had heart surgery at the age of 2 mo and now living at my x's parents place and looking for a house for my daughter for me and my daughter thats my story

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spending time with my daughter (4), listning to music (3),
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