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On September 24, 2007 babayblond69

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nottellnbitchez, Canada
Joined: Jan 2006

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Age: 29
Gender: F
Location: nottellnbitchez
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About Me
im BLOND! ya baby!...umm i love fave ones are basketball,soccer,football and hockey..i im a reali hyper and always active gurl..i love doin outgoin s*** ex:..drivn race cars,goin skidoin,tubing,etc...ummm....i fukn love scary movies..but they ahve to b gd fer me to actually get scared....i also lyk comdey and action...i have lyk the coolest sense of humour eva.....and i sumtyms get sick minded wiv my guy friends lmfsao!....not my fault tho lol....and im alwyas smilin and laughn...and sometimes i laugh at the stupidets things...and cnt stop fer lyk 10 min lol...ummm...i love chatn on msn and tlkin on the phone wiv my friends...i love music...and i can play the drums and lil bit of into pretty much ne tym of music except for country...i rell hate it...(sry in advance if sum1 likes it).i am always up fer fun and love doin outgoin s***....and lol...i love shoppin,goin to movies,watchin sk8rs,playin sports,hangn wiv my friends and dosnt...unless ur a guy...and straight lol :S)and im relli random a lot...its pretty funni actualli...and a sad thing is ...i get amused to easily lol...oh ye...and koolers,vodka and smirnoff taste gd....i hope i dnt get in truble fer sayin that...YIKKES! lol..i think thats all im guna say cuz i cant think of ne thing else...and if i say ne mreo i might get into truble go me lmfsao

Who I Want To Meet
Ummmm i wana meet ppl who are fun to chat wiv and have an aweusm sense of humour..and ye..

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I have no life

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comdey and action movies...i luv my bfffl lisa(best friend)..ummmm i luv and absolutely adore sports, ummmm my fave shit are shoppin, and i luv music...and i listen to everything except gets on ym nerves..., watchin scary,
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