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On August 12, 2011 ash128

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Gloucester, United Kingdom
Joined: Jun 2008

My Stats
Age: 31
Gender: M
Location: Gloucester
South West
United Kingdom
Posts: 492
PLS: ? 48.5
Joined:: Jun 29, 2008
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About Me

I made my TFS layout using

Easy going fun and bubbly (or so i like to think :P)

LIKES: Jokes and laughing. Have quite a satarical sarcastic sense of humour and if im in bad mood can be well...... b****y XD Music and Films. Doing random shizz and playing twister.
DISLIKES: People who moan alot, Bouncers and Bar staff that have a hobby of I.Ding me EVERY SINGLE TIME! (supposedly i have a baby face tho im not seeing it), Chavs, thin people who say they are fat when they blantently aren't, people who muck me about and use me.

Who I Want To Meet
Anyone and EVERYONE!!! :P lol basically anyone who wants to talk to me with a great sense of humour :P

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My Journal
I have no life

My Interests (5)
films (175), men and women :p clubbing xd the usual things 18 year olds do (well some :p ), friends!!! and socailising, music!!!! (who isnt interested in that p ),
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