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On December 29, 2006 aquarius

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, Australia
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South Australia
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I am an ambitious and determined person. I am unique and individual, always a little too mature for my own good - some might say a snob, lol, but that is not the truth. I love and take pride in knowledge and intelligence - perhaps that is a quality I admire most in people, the ability to expand their minds. I distance myself from the mundane and typical. If there is anything I hate it is repetition and predictability - that is not to say stability is bad, but in order to keep things interesting, I think variety is good. I can be shy and quiet, but that is just because I see no need to speak for the sake of it - I will speak if I feel there is something worthy of being said. I try not to be superficial, I believe a down-to-earth attitude is best, but truth be told, we are all a little superficial in our own ways. I try to stay optimistic, all to often I see people who are obsessed with their own self-pity and sense of depression - life is good, why be affraid to admit it.

I am certainly a true Aquarian. "Aquarians are humanitarians that want to make the world a better place in which to live through their revolutionary thoughts and ideas. They are creative, innovative, original, progressive thinkers

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reading (2095), movies (1100), shopping (635), art (618), food (356), politics (323), sleeping (257), tv (244), tennis (198), cats (183), history (178), love (124), travelling (110), life (105), yoga (90), chocolate (72), languages (50), coffee (49), clothes (44), wine (44), culture (32), law (26), romance (23), peace (19), architecture (19), beauty (15), vodka (14), freedom (13), knowledge (13), truth (9), the doors (8), justice (6), johnny depp (5), winter (5), china (3), equality (3), aqua aerobics (2), political theory (2), mobile phones (2), john lennon, foreigners, thought provoking conversations, spanish music, idealism,
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