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On July 23, 2011 anilaicraM

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East Bay, California
Joined: Apr 2006

My Stats
Age: 36
Gender: F
Location: East Bay
United States
Posts: 269
PLS: ? 76.49
Joined:: Apr 30, 2006
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My Pics

About Me

painfully shy.. restless.. mellow.. exotique.. apprehensive.. VERY open minded and or spiritual.. cordial.. intuitive.. abstract.. mysterious.. sarcastic.. moody.. compulsively deviant of authority and a bit UNCONventional...

believes in TRUE LOVE.. split personalities.. ghosts.. reincarnation.. magic.. discipline.. faeries.. possession.. vampires.. alternate dimensions.. psychic abilities.. zodiacs.. and KARMA...

body art.. musicians.. movies.. dancing.. MUSIC.. spirituality.. cooking..singing.. poetry.. accents.. acting.. psychology.. nature.. fantasy.. fashion.. computer games.. vampires.. astrology.. the beach.. stars.. sci-fi.. cartoons.. tall guys.. empathy.. graphic design.. adventure.. NEW ORLEANS.. magic.. swords.. technology.. taoism.. reggae.. spontaneity.. knives.. paganism.. genetics.. passion.. personality disorders.. TRUE LOVE.. theater.. comic books.. anarchy.. fiction.. Hawaii.. numerology.. karma.. salted margaritas.. Las Vegas.. ANIMALS.. mythology.. intuition.. pop culture.. neuroscience.. mood rings.. lava lamps.. buddhism.. tall guys.. immortality.. LIBERALS.. confidence.. white teeth.. sincerity.. the paranormal.. internet.. dimples.. inside jokes.. FAERIES..

my dream jobs(s) would be ;



graphic designer

voice over

SUPPORT SOLDIERS not WAR... i support the people willing to give their lives for their country...

i have a secret love for METAL and HORROR MOVIES.. I also have an odd passion for destruction... i don't always seek mayhem ... if confrontation is a must i would consider myself an Aggressive-Pacifist





may 23

--{Eye Color}


--{Hair Color}

jet black


5 foot 1

--{Number of Piercings}

four.. at the moment

--{Number of Tattoos}

just one for now soon to be five maybe six

--{Right Handed or Left Handed}


--{Your Heritage}


--{Your Weakness}



--{What do you want to be when you Grow Up}

if i could honestly be whatever i wanted i'd be a Forty/Duece dancer <3

--{What country would you most like to Visit}

New Zealand

--{What are your nicknames}

baby.. Mrs. Garrison.. lil sis..

--{What are you afraid of}

death, spiders, racism

--{What was the last thing you ate}

midnight snack

--{What was the last movie you saw}


--{What clothes do you sleep in}


--{What do you think about most}

life.. things that have happened so far and i try to imagine whats to come...

--{What was your favorite toy as a child}

LEGOS.. & nintendo still my favorites by the way

--{What was the last live sporting event you went to}

wwe back when it was still the wwf


--{Favorite band(s)}

weezer<3 rodrigo y gabriela.. adele.. pink.. the red hot chilli peppers..

--{Favorite pet}

i'm pretty happy with my dogs and cats

--{Favorite snacks}

Dr PEPPER.. sour jelly beans*.. red vines.. frozen snickers..

--{Favorite Smell}

cologne on a sexy guy

--{Favorite ice cream}

ben & jerry's

--{Favorite movies}

The Village.. Crash.. Inception.. The Kids Are Alright.. Pan's Labyrinth..

Do You

--{Do You think looks matter}

not to me.. everyone likes to look at something pretty but that is not important

--{Do you Believe in Creationism or Evolution}


--{Do you Smoke}

when i drink

--{Do you Sing}


--{Do you want to get Married}


--{Do you think you are Attractive}

when i'm drunk.. 8P but when i am sober i know i'm fly

--{Do you dance}


--{Do you wish on stars}


--{Do you know HTML}

sorta.. it makes me feel smart

--{Do you believe in ghosts}

yeah.. sometimes i feel them watching me...

--{Do you untie your shoes when you take them off}

only if i have to

The Boy

--{Favorite Eye Color}

it doesn't really matter

--{Favorite Hair Color}

HE matters more so than his hair

--{Short or Long Hair}



taller than me


yes please


a few

--{Style of clothing}

his own .. don't follow any trends

--{Personality or looks}

as long as he lets me call him a*****e i really don't care

--{Does he have to be popular}

why the hell should he i'm not

wedding planning guide

Who I Want To Meet
people who think like me
tall guys
people who think they are weird
people who think like me
abstract admirers
mixed kids
anyone who wants to meet me

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My Journal
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My Interests (43)
music (3954), movies (1103), dancing (751), cooking (544), poetry (270), nature (179), psychology (132), astrology (51), the beach (47), accents (45), mythology (41), spirituality (38), magic (27), cartoons (27), stars (25), adventure (24), theater (22), comic books (14), reggae (12), empathy (9), passion (9), faeries (8), knives (8), body art (7), musicians (7), hawaii (6), lava lamps (6), genetics (6), sincerity (5), intuition (4), spontaneity (4), personality disorders (4), pop culture (4), white teeth (3), mood rings (3), dimples (3), art museums (3), confidence (3), vegas (2), incense (2), tall guys (2), shot glasses,
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