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"Hiya ^_^"
On September 27, 2008 anigod191

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LOCAL, American Samoa
Joined: Aug 2006

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Age: 31
Gender: M
Location: LOCAL
American Samoa
United States
Posts: 341
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About Me
Hunter Haylee

I haven't been on in a long while, and the new computers im on are extremly gay, so, yah, that sucks.

My name is Hunter Kaels

She is like, my something to keep me living, truley though, I love her.

I don't have time for video games anymore, I haven't been on in a while because I have been traveling, and taking my career seriously, what might this be?


I've been making a video, and I really want to get sponsered by Blind. Right now im sponsered by Landslide.

If you would like to chat, hit me up, don't be afraid!

It's not like I'll kill you

I like Coke, not so much Pepsi, it's always had that, weird taste to it, I wonder why. My favorite stores are obviously Hot Topic and Spencers

I havent been on in a while, anyone know where I could get a good layout?

My girlfriends name is Haylee, She is So fine!

I just got back from a magical place called Disney World

Haylee! I lurve you!

You should really check out this band they are tight.

They are called The Medic Droid, a fresh new Rock Techno style.

The Medic Droid\'s Website

You better go to it...

Who I Want To Meet
I want to meet int-itny-intlyk... Eh, screw it anybody is fine.

Here is a list of the smileys, just copy this into your address bar

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