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Mamma Mia
December 04, 2011 @ 04:45:58 am
I'm writing about every movie that I watch from the 18th November 2011

I decided that I would watch this movie since i find Amanda Seyfried is pretty.
From the trailer, it looked like a movie full of dirty yatchies in a rundown hotel. That's pretty much what it was....

I like most movies that revolve around beaches (the 80's The Tempest, The Beach). This was no exception. The plot wasn't that strong and i didn't like most of the songs but I still have to admit that the songs fit in well with the whole movie.
Mamma Mia also reintroduced me to 1 or 2 songs that i heard once or twice before that i did like.
I liked the laidback vibe of the movie and the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.
The island seems like the kind of place I'd like to visit.

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Verum est Deus

New Post! December 04, 2011 @ 05:40:18 am
If you don't like ABBA, it was a lost cause. The plot was written as a vehicle for the songs. It's probably the most popular musical in the last 20 years (starting with London and Broadway) even counting The Phantom of the Opera. I really like the movie except for Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, neither of who can sing worth a damn. Pretty much ruined it in places but most of the numbers in it are still very good. I wasn't a Seyfried fan back then, but I am now after In Time.

If you get a chance go see it in a live show. The singers GOTTA be better. When I've seen it, it's one of those kind of shows where audiences go nuts, from teeny-boppers to septuagenarians.

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