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Response to unreported world (super-quick draft)
November 26, 2011 @ 09:28:51 pm
The Seyi Rhodes article on "The Making of Guns, Drugs and Secrets" might serve as a suitable entry point for anyone wishing to delve into the common consensus of opinion that exists about the T&T drug-trade

The report lacks substance, quoting "people in the know" who relay to the writer the opinions held by the majority of the country about the crime situation and the current state of emergency.

The writer also quotes a lawyer who cannot clearly state where our current anti-gang legislature has been copied from.

The most glaring error and the one that makes it absolutely clear that this writer does no research is his carefree reference to the fact that "the most profitable branch of KFC in the world" is in Trinidad.

I suppose he's refering to the Broadway / South Quay branch of KFC.
This branch is not the most profitable but rather the most profitable per capita.

In closing; i would like to right one of the wrongs that Rhodes made -
While only speculation must suffice as to the main purpose of the OPVs.
A recent conversation with a UWI Criminology lecturer introduced me to the idea that the purpose of the OPVs are closer related to protected foreign offshore interests than to interdicting drug smugglers.

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