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Flugtag: a memorable event, a priceless memory
July 04, 2011 @ 06:46:05 am
What did i expect this morning? Traffic, not the 5 hours of it that we actually got but i expected traffic. i expected to be rewarded by finally relaxing in the VIP area sipping wine and taking everything in.

the event was amazing. Perfectly sunny with a slight drizzle whenever it got too hot.
The after-party sucked. When the music stopped and the lights went off, i expected an end to a great day. little did i know that the main event of that day; the one i would hopefully remember clearest in years to come was yet to happen.

when it seemed like the party was over, we started making plans to go Westpalm (against the massive traffic jam of people leaving the peninsula)
Only because cell phones were not working did we go back to look for kendall and nathan...
we all walked back into pier 1 to see that the after after party was now kicking off.
Unlike the after party that was basically everyone form VIP hanging out in a courtyard' the after after party was about 1/4 of the VIP section in an air conditioned room with a much, much better selection of drinks.

only while dancing did it cross my mind that it was here i met teagan almost 10 years ago.

tonight was sooooo much like those days.
life was alot simpler.
i'm glad that so many things are happening that remind me of the wonder years.

i want to do everything one more time and then "f8ck rap you could have it back"

i want the cold breezes and rain of that christmas.
i want that summer in margarita when lightning struck the beach and i realized who i wanted to become.
i want to see the art on that album and pick it up again.
i want to borrow that video game and by proxy fall in love with that movie franchise once more.
i want that summer when we changed the rules and ruled the world.
i want those days when we cleared dance floors.
i want that summer whan i lost my best friend but didn't realize it until years after.

i'm going back.

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