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On March 21, 2017 ammw20

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Well things have clamed down a bit
June 07, 2016 @ 03:44:33 am
Well I got my phlebotomy class done and I passed with flying colors yay. I started my clinicals today they were so much fun. I was told I would have to poke 25 techs before I could start drawing patients but my teacher said I'm a good and after 4 pokes started letting me draw patients.

I had an interview 2 months ago at the place I took my class and where I'm also doing my clinicals. I had not heard anything so I thought I had I had not got the job but I saw the guy who gave me my interview and asked him if he has haired anyone yet and he said no that we are still training so I still have a shot at this job . I really hope I get it. right now that is the only opening with in a 60 mile radius hiring a phlebotomist.

I still work at Starbucks and I like it my boss wants me to hurry up and get this new job so I will get the hell out of Starbucks lol. she means it with love she has been super supportive of me and this class. she is the one who told me to apply for the job I was not going to but she told me to shut up and apply hahaha I love her.

Ayden is almost done with kindergarten I cant believe he will be in 1st grade next year my kids are starting to make me feel old lol now I know what my mom has been b****ing about all these years. Carson is mostly potty trained now still has problems at night but we are working on it. Keira will be 9 months old in 2 days she has figured out how to use her walker and she is starting to talk . She says momma dada and my fav is she says thank you

a funny tib bit I just learned as am sitting here. you know child needs to be potty trained when he can put on his own diaper lol (he only ears them at night)

ok the hunny just brought home donuts guess I'm putting of the diet one or two more days hahahahha

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New Post! June 07, 2016 @ 04:20:03 am
Good to hear that they've clammed down a little.


New Post! June 07, 2016 @ 06:18:42 pm
Hey, that is great news! So glad you decided to come back and share that with us. Good to see you again and keep up the good work.


New Post! June 07, 2016 @ 11:41:15 pm
@yami Said

Hey, that is great news! So glad you decided to come back and share that with us. Good to see you again and keep up the good work.

Thank you

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