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"Just call me PINKY!!!! :)"
On March 21, 2017 ammw20

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Walla Walla, Washington
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long over due update.
March 25, 2016 @ 05:07:44 am
Not to much to update Keira is getting so big she is almost 7 months old boy has time flew by. Ayden turns 6 next month and he is almost done with kindergarten. As of now I only work at Starbucks because I pissed off the deli manager lol oh well means less hours but I'm happier. I got a call from the phlebotomy class the other day. I GOT IN!!!! yay I'm so excited I start Tuesday. Its weird I'm going to soon have a career not just a job. and going from making like 9 bucks an hour to like 15 things are starting to look up.

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