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On March 07, 2010 amelie3

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Sydney, Australia
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Age: 51
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New South Wales
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About Me
I'm Josie - 39 y.o from Sydney. I work in the health industry & am currently completing an economics/business degree.

I live directly across the road from a beautiful Sydney beach so I am a very lucky girl. I love the beach lifestyle and I looooooove to swim. I want my own backyard swimming pool almost as much as I would like a new boyfriend.

I'm working on both.

I've done some work for my local community radio station & also done some writing in the past. My dream is to win an Academy award for Best Original Screenplay. If I ever do win, I promise to thank you all. I highly appreciate creativity in other people. I am also in the process of writing a novel.

You'll find me to be empathetic, honest and funny. Believe it or not, there is nothing I say here that I wouldn't say in RL.

You can be assured of my respect and courtesy here. If your amusement stems from making others feel like crap though, it's unlikely we'll be friends. Sorry.


This is one of my all-time faves by Morcheeba. An oldie but a goodie. No proper music clip but it's bliss.


Summer Heights High - it's a fake documentary series about an Australian high school & totally beloved by most Australians.

If you have never seen it, try to somehow - it's extremely funny. Chris Lilley (who wrote the whole series also) plays all 3 main roles.

Who I Want To Meet

I'm most keen to know people who are happy, funny, creative, intelligent or enlightened - in short, anyone I can be inspired by, learn from or who makes me laugh.

I am a huge movie buff: I own a disgusting amount of DVD's I cannot part with and I am happy to discuss movies anytime.

Fave movie clips:

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