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"OBAMA! OBAMA! Mcain had a good run BUT OBAMA WON!!! Barak OBAMA 2008!"
On May 13, 2009 WWElover4life

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world wrestling entertianment,
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Age: 27
Gender: F
Location: world wrestling entertianment
United States
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About Me
im nice and im sweet and i love wrestling anyone who thinks wrestling is fake , no............... your FAKE!!!! if you think wrestling is fine.................yes your real so if you are nice or a fan of wwe or tna your good with me oh by the way here is a liitle random rhyme for your enjoyment

i can rhyme people call me up cause i can rock the party and all that stuff i am breakin out the beat no b**** is hotter than me me and he are cruse melicia better whatch out my clang gets vicous badd a** b**** im rated X im gifted, not gonna sell sex. cross the beach into the street , you gotta work hard in your room to cheat crunk and live with some bud lime im so bangin my crew is bangin tyme to get low do the tootsie roll thats how we do , do it hot and if you understood would you stop playing and play it hard i got a loaded body guard dont make lock the glock and pop im about to make the s*** rock like dough.. dough i like you can call me when you feeling freaky hot, i run the show you've come to slow pick up the pace with your rock out face , my style in this this flow is confusing cause you dont know pop the glock , pop the glock , pop the glock, pop the glock. (its just a funny little rap im trying to be professional or nothing like that)

I made my TFS layout using

I made my TFS layout using

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My Interests (7)
listening to music (263), math (29), watching wrestling (2), riding bikes (2), and more wrestling., playing with my boyfriend,
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