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On February 20, 2012 Vizzy

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, Florida
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Age: 51
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United States
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About Me
I am a walking wealth of curiosity. I am brunette, but oh so blonde at times. I'm generally friendly, have a tendency to be foul mouthed at just the wrong times, I'll laugh at myself just as hard as I'll laugh at you. If you can't laugh at yourself or if you take life very seriously, we won't have much in common.

Who I Want To Meet
People who think outside the box, people with enthusiasm, who laugh at themselves, who are open minded, readers, dancers, thinkers, dreamers, communicators

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New posts Just another reason
New posts ups and downs
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New posts Gone and I'm happy.
New posts Sometimes its a total burden to listen


My Interests (8)
music (3953), books (372), spirituality (38), anything outdoors (10), dogs and animal activism, people and their quirks, libertarianism,
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