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"A boy with girltude"
On September 20, 2011 TransBunny

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Bunnyland, California
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Age: 37
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United States
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Don't add me if we haven't talked at all, I'll decline. Thanks

People I (in no particular order, I switch it up every so often to show I love you all <3)

I am a M2F transexual, totally pre-op, but on my way. It's a long, expensive and scary journey, but some of us have to take it.

I'm a spa therapist, and soon taking a cosmotology course to become a licensed makeup artist. I'm an outgoing and friendly person, stupidly cute sometimes. A little reckless, crazy, brash and arrogant. Sounds bad? Get to know me and find out for yourself how awesome it can be

Formspring me! Link!
Or look up TransBunny if that doesn't work

Who I Want To Meet
Real people

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