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"I'm a fish out of water; lion out of the jungle."
On June 06, 2010 TheTanHatMan

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Brooklyn, New York
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Age: 38
Gender: M
Location: Brooklyn
New York
United States
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About Me
I'll be famous for leading the uprising or infamous for orchestrating the downfall. I'm just a sound of stray hope looking for another life to save. Another day, another truth to marry to an untamed ear. Until it all comes back to us!

Fear compels. Wisdom propels.
Hatred dwells. Love excels.
In light of all these things I tell
and wish for you to see as well,
I only ask you to expel
the lies that bound us all to hell.

I made my TFS layout using

Sosso Readioso (Me) - The Worst Ever (snippet)

Who I Want To Meet
Jesus. But not yet. Still too much work to do.

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